The world's first customisable, 'brandable' client-owned corporate social platform.

Create, manage, analyse and monetise your communities easily,

quickly and cost-effectively, and on a cloud-based platform you control.

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db-csp is a cloud-based SaaS solution that enables organisations to make more money, save more money and improve performance in a host of innovative ways.

The 6 key benefits of owning your db-csp platform

  • It’s Yours!

    Forget occupying 'space' on someone else's generic network. Own and control your very own db corporate social platform. db-csp offers your organisation unparalleled exclusivity and privacy,and, for the ultimate security and access control, you can choose to self-host the platform behind your organisation's own firewall.

  • Easy Set-Up

    Your db-csp is a web-based SaaS solution that we can 'deliver' in under an hour and can be 'branded' and ready to use within minutes. From a UX perspective, registration and login options are seamless and quick. You can also auto pre-populate your platform with user profiles via a simple CSV file upload.

  • Customisable

    It's your db platform... so customise away! Within minutes, you can transform 'look and feel' in line with your organisation's corporate identity. Add logos and banner images; change the platform's colour scheme, icons and keywords. Configure your platform's layout, features and functions to your precise requirements.

  • Analyse

    From individual comment analysis to overall community interest in key themes, db-csp's ‘content in context’ approach ('qualitative' over 'personal' data), it's architecture and its use of world-leading sentiment and predictive behavioural analysis take ultra-targeted analytics and targeted advertising to a new level.

  • Monetise

    db-csp offers you direct revenue generation opportunities. Platform sponsorship, paid space advertising, paid surveys, paid question posting, and standard or VIP (or both) 'per user' billing: these options alone can generate sufficient income to make db-csp deployment cost-neutral, even profitable.

  • Support

    We take a consultative approach to both platform and service 'delivery'. Our team are constantly on-hand not only to help you with initial configuration and customisation but also to support you during single event' or ongoing deployment. We can also provide you with a full-time moderation & administration service.

Just some of the key benefits of db-csp Why a db-csp platform is a ‘must have’ for organisations...

User Friendly Interface

Getting the most from your db-csp platform couldn't be easier. Creating discussion, managing communities, moderating content and analysing data is simple thanks to easy-to-use front end and 'back office' features, available in web browser, mobile web and mobile / tablet app versions.

Enterprise Wide Solution

One provider, one platform, one price. db-csp addresses the entire spectrum of community engagement and delivers multiple activities and resources to all communities: internal and external. Benefit from single platform cohesion, greater community understanding and more valuable data.

Content In Context

Increase the breadth, depth and reach of a discussion, draw in external content and enable organic community growth via two-way Twitter integration. Hashtag a post and db-csp will deliver real-time Twitter content. Instantly add tweets to the discussion, follow the tweeters and add them to your platform.

Social Catalyst

Are you getting the most from social media and community engagement? Most organisations aren't. Shifting strategies means upheaval: instead we recommend a catalyst. db-csp will transform your results from a collection of Likes, Follows and disjointed 'announcing' into meaningful conversations.

Front end user & admin / analytics features Delivering unparalleled user experience & insight for your company

Social Account Linking

Link your Facebook account (or Page), Twitter and LinkedIn accounts and view, access and use these real-time social feeds within your db-csp platform: no need to flick between browser tabs! Increase the reach and exposure of posts by instantly sharing them on your various external accounts.

Video Broadcasting

Community engagement, webinar delivery and video content posting all in one place thanks to db-csp's comprehensive video broadcasting solutions. Stream scheduled or 'ad hoc live' video and connect discussion or schedule pre-recorded video broadcasting which can be played back in full on completion.

Gamification & Advocacy

Advocacy is an essential element of social community engagement. Score users on their contributions, follow them and use the db leagues to identify key positive / negative influencers and advocates. 'Love' and 'hate' too strong for your requirements? db-csp's gamification tools are fully customisable!

Ask The Expert Q&A

An ideal tool for live / virtual events or scheduled discussion, users can nominate themselves, or internally / externally invite others, to become 'experts'. Questions are posted direct to the expert who can choose which to answer. The administrator then chooses which elements of the Q&A are viewable on the platform.


'Deep dive' for information from and about the community using multi-question / answer surveys. Survey results, graphics and respondent similarity analysis are viewable within the admin dashboard or as a pdf, which can then be uploaded as a 'white paper' for community sharing or monetisation.

Sentiment Analysis

Using industry-leading sentiment and predictive behavioural analysis, db-csp extracts meaning, tone, opinion and intention from discussion data and provide you with deep, fundamental insights into the attitudes of your communities. In-depth text and sentiment analytics can be run and viewed instantly during discussion via the dashboard.