Revolutionising the way your organisation communicates...

Staff, customers, suppliers, the general public... no matter who you're talking to, db-csp is the 'go to' platform for internal and external communications, marcoms and event engagement.  

  • db-csp for Secure Communications

    Whether you are tasked with improving your organisations internal communications or need a secure, private environment in order to talk online to customers, or let them talk to each other, db-csp provides the perfect solution.

    A db-csp platform will stop time-wasting emails and the use of disparate messaging and chat tools used by staff. Using db-csp's neat departmental categorisation and project-oriented group functionality, your colleagues are kept focused on individual through to enterprise-wide, cross-departmental projects and tasks.

    Bring all communication together on one customisable, cloud-based platform, branded to your organisation's 'look and feel' and where you own and control all of the content, relationships and data.

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  • db-csp for Marketing Communications

    Sharing and disemminating promotional messages, engaging your various audiences and analysing their thoughts, opinions and feedback has never been easier, and all on one global platform. 

    Often, organisations fail to achieve measurable marketing ROI (sales lead generation, direct monetisation) from social media because the channels and tools employed are incapable of effectively measuring it or even generating it. 

    db-csp delivers larger engaged audiences, increased sales lead generation and qualification, and the ability to listen, nurture and build on customer satisfaction.  

    Scheduled posting, focused discussion groups, surveys, incentives, live and pre-recorded video broadcasting, 'Ask The Expert' Q&As, targeted or mass messaging, sponsored and contextual advertising... these are just some of db-csp's marketing features at your disposal.

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  • db-csp for Events

    If you organise events, or regularly attend them, you are likely to face the same pressure: to deliver more marketing leads to sales teams. The ROI from what appear to be well-attended events is often lower than anticipated. There are several reasons for this, such as low quality, under-qualified leads, the wrong people connecting with each, and a lack of in-event communication with and amongst delegates. In addition, the dilution of sales leads not followed up sufficiently quickly, delegate 'fatigue' and the tailing off of interest and engagement are key negative factors.

    With a db-csp platform and its accompanying 'events' mobile app, you, your team and your board - whether regular event organisers or attendees - are able to maximise (and measure) specific metrics from events in whole host of ways. Access people - physically locate them - using the app's GPS funcitonality, take notes, have direct access to event speakers, start discussions, provide and receive instant feedback, instant message attendees, schedule meetings and promote your own availability, and instantly access real-time app activity on the platforms's web browser version.

    db-csp not only empowers event organisers and attendees, it creates more meaningful contacts, more measurable results, and demonstrates genuine, measurable value.

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  • Make more money

  • Save more money

  • Improve performance

Pioneering and industry leading: db - corporate social platforms are a customisable, 'brandable'
and wholly client-owned cloud-based SaaS solution. 

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